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Donald Trump will likely win despite trailing in polls, because Americans are more astute than given credit for

Donald Trump will win the 2020 US Presidential election because the American public know they have been, and are, taken for a ride by the political elites. T...
Published by Dr Jiulin Teng on 01 Nov 2020 · Updated on 25 Jul 2021
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Donald Trump would have been reelected in a landslide, had it not been for the current pandemic. He would, not because of any external intervention, but because he stands as the antagonist or, perhaps more precisely, the antihero in the corporatist political environment that looms over much of the major economies today.
He has done a poor job in dealing with the pandemic: or rather, he has done a poor job representing what the US government is doing to fight the pandemic and the economic fallout. This is partly attributable to his own character flaws, which leading media outlets have discussed ad nauseam.
Partly, his apparent inaptitude arises from being antithetical to the political elites: Not that Donald Trump has not catered to their interests. He has. Still, his rhetoric has long alienated him from most of the media and political elites. As a result, almost everything he wishes to do encounters tremendous resistance.
Still, I think Trump has a greater chance to win the reelection than the polls are showing. This is a piece that I have been meaning to write for some time but haven’t had the time to. Here, I’ll simply lay out the key bullet points without going deep into each.

Polls Are Still Misled

Many have argued that the pollsters now account for the “Shy MAGAers”. However, I would point to the fact that Trump has been demonized incessantly for four years by most of the media outlets: In essence, supporting Trump has, in a significant portion of the American public life, become akin to being racist, sexist, or outright stupid.
Few people would publicly announce that they are racist. Fewer would claim to be sexist. Fewer still proclaim themselves stupid. As a result, it is astounding that over 40% of the likely voters still tell strangers that they would vote for Trump.

Biden Is Horrible, and the American Public Know Him

Interviews that have surfaced online have shown us that the African American community know Biden for who he is:
  • Co-author of the 1994 Crime Bill that more than doubled the US prison population, with minorities being the primary target
  • Long-term champion of large corporations, in particular the credit card companies
  • Supporter of segregation, in particular an opponent to busing
  • Once proclaimed that he attended law school on a full scholarship, was top of his class, and earned three degrees---it was later revealed that he had a half scholarship, was 76th in a class of 85, and received a single degree

Democrats Are Republicans

As working-class Americans suffer from stagnant wage growth and living standards, they have both the political parties to thank for.
On the surface, the two political parties in the US are the polar opposite of each other. This is an illusion created by broadcast media and cable news. In reality, the Democrats and Republicans only differ on social issues, which some may rightly consider issues that are not the business of any government that claims to support personal freedom.
The Dems have in recent decades:
  • Passed the aforementioned crime bill
  • Created NAFTA that decimated the American middle class, while destroying a significant portion of the Mexican society
  • Orchestrated the largest transfer of wealth in human history until 2020 in the form of Wall Street Bail Out
  • Orchestrated the largest transfer of wealth in human history in an aptly-named Cares Act that gave largest corporations trillions, millionaires tax-breaks that amount to over a million apiece, and a $1200 one-time payment to the rest
  • Started more wars than George W Bush
  • Started putting immigrant children in cages (while fake news media told the public that Donald Trump started it, even though he is the one that ended the practice)
The Republican politicians are not better people. However, the Democrats are more efficient at undermining the American public, precisely because they are portrayed frequently as “the nice guys”.

Americans Are Waking Up

I think the Americans, especially the young generation, have realized that the two major political parties in the US are two sides of the same coin, and that neither represent their interests.
In this context, it is hardly surprising that Joe Biden’s support has been lukewarm at best: A vote for him is purely a vote against Trump, who is himself repugnant to many. There is next to nothing that Joe Biden is offering that appeals to these voters.
Contrastingly, Trump supporters are enthusiastic: not because he is a great president, though some may think so, but because a vote for him is a big middle finger to the elites.

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