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About Me

I am a creative strategist with a passion for innovation. Technology and business model evolutions are the first places I look for competitive advantage. In late 2017, my desire to help innovators and consumers drove me to create IdeaFeX, the marketplace for future goods & assets. While this venture did not work out, I used the knowledge from it and developed Neofiliac, a not-for-profit social hub for innovators to launch products internationally.
Prior, I worked at McKinsey & Company as a consultant in Brussels, Belgium. Before McKinsey, I have earned a PhD degree in Strategic Management from HEC Paris in France.
Originally from China with a background in biological sciences, I have worked in several fields and lived across five different countries. I am always open for new things to learn and new challenges to conquer. In my free time, I am a photography enthusiast.

Tech entrepreneur

I founded Neofiliac and IdeaFeX with the goal to disrupt existablished business models. Neofiliac intends to help innovators launch products internationally in a DIY-, comission-free social hub that draws consumers and enthusiasts by providing direct interaction between them and innovators. It intends to do away with the commission-based e-commerce business model and truly empower innovation. IdeaFeX was designed to promote product futures, which would replace crowdfunding by injecting trust and flexibility.


  • Single-handedly designed and coded the Neofiliac web application (Linux, Phalcon PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, AWS)
  • Co-defined, drafted, and revised all strategy aspects at IdeaFeX with my colleagues. Examples include our White Paper.
  • Developed Ethereum smart contracts for IdeaFeX. The source codes are available on GitHub. Also worked closely with our development team and wrote the entire frontend of our web application.


  • True appreciation in the value of people, and the recognition that it is the character and drive, not experience and decoration, that matters the most.
  • Reflections on every step of setting up and running a business, notably the importance of connecting with customers early-on and the true meaning of bootstrapping.
  • Deep understanding of the inner workings of the DLT ecosystem, in particular aspects most misunderstood by the public.


  • Programming and cloud: SQL, Phalcon PHP, JavaScript, Python, Html5, CSS3, Vue.js, Amazon AWS
  • Blockchain: Solidity, Ethereum smart contract, Stellar Lumens smart contract
  • Design, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign

Management consultant

After my PhD studies, I joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant in Brussels. Working in small teams on projects ranging from pharmaceuticals to finance, I quickly learned McKinsey's problem-solving methods and gained a repertoire of communication skills with key stakeholders.


  • Developed strategic plan and conducted due diligence for clients.
  • Took part in client development in pharmaceutical, finance, TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecom), and AI (artificial intelligence) sectors.


  • Broad knowledge in the strategy and management aspects of several industries, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, finance, and TMT, etc.
  • Deep understanding in group dynamics in high-stress, high-stake scenarios.


  • Familiarity in applying fact-based problem-solving methods to real-world problems that businesses face daily.
  • Computer: Tableau, MS Excel, PowerPoint

PhD in Strategy

To uncover in depth how businesses work, in particular how they obtain and sustain strategic advantage, I spent over four years working for a PhD Degree in Strategic Management at HEC Paris, France. My main theoretic focus was game theory, and the primary lenses through which I applied it were negotiation and innovation.


  • Deep knowledge in competitive strategy, notably the application of non-cooperative game theory in negotiation and innovation. This is best showcased in my dissertation.
  • Broad understanding of theories in strategic management and marketing as well as experimental methods in social sciences.


  • Supervisor to 29 Master's students from 14 countries in Grandes écoles, Master in Management, and CEMS programs for their graduation theses.
  • Assistant to professors in core strategy courses for Grandes écoles students.


  • Methods: experiments and surveys in social sciences, econometric (statistical) methods, Bayesian statistics
  • Computer: SPSS, STATA, Mathematica, Maple, MS Outlook

Life science graduate

Driven by intellectual curiosity in the awe-inspiring nature, I joined the Biology Department at Nankai University, China. I received merit-based scholarships in each of the four years and graduated second in the class of 123. Realizing that lab experiment is not for me, I took a detour in business. In 2010, I returned to life sciences by joining the Bioentrepreneurship program at Karolinska Institute, Sweden.


  • Broad knowledge in major branches of life science, for example Molecular Biology, Genetics, Evoluitonary Biology, and Biochemistry, etc.
  • Clear understanding of the topology in commercializing life sciences, in particular the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.


  • As a business development intern, I worked in a group that searched for acquisition candidates in compounds and medical devices in the Nordic market for Takeda Pharmaceuticals.
  • As an analyst intern, I worked in a group that reviewed the portfolio of Scandinavia Life Science Investment, a venture capital firm backed by Nordic pension funds. We also searched for buyout candidates in the Nordic market.


  • Fundamental experimental methods: biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology, etc.
  • Computer: C, C++, R, MS Word

Rich experience

since 1985
Born and raised in China, I have lived in a number of countries and grown a strong character throughout the years. I am a strong bliever in process over the outcome; thus, instead of relishing in past success or wallowing in past failure, I continually learn from them. One area of interest that has never faded, to me, has been my passion in creatives.


  • English: bilingual; I hold a C2 Proficiency certificate by Cambridge English since 2007 and scored 770 + 6.0 in GMAT in 2012.
  • Chinese: native; strong command of the Chinese language.
  • French: I took classes in college. After years of sporadic use, I am actively improving my French.
  • Czech: I took half a year of classes at Charles University in Prague and reached B2 level.
  • Swedish: I took classes at Stockholm University for a semester.


  • Flexibility and tolerance in working with, and adapting to, different cultures.
  • Strong believer in learning from the process, not the outcome.
  • Compromises on your wishes, never your character.


  • Photography enthusiast: some of my works can be found on my photo blog and Instagram.
  • Architectural design: I have an interest in design and architecture since I was a teenager. I also used AutoCAD and Pro/E in college.

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