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Cover for post Vezelay (Burgundy) 202008
Vezelay (Burgundy) 202008
12 Sep 2020 · This album features Vezelay, a village in the Yonne department of the Burgundy region known for its Abbey atop the hilly, walled town. A UNESCO World Heritag...
Cover for post Auxerre (Burgundy) 202008
Auxerre (Burgundy) 202008
11 Sep 2020 · Auxerre is the capital of the Yonne department in Burgundy. This album features its old town, with the highlight being the three churches along the Yonne riv...
Cover for post Sens (Burgundy) 202008
Sens (Burgundy) 202008
10 Sep 2020 · This album comprises of photos taken from a trip to Sens, a small town in the Yonne department in Burgundy.