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Cover for post Chartres [Sept 2022]
28 Apr 2023
Chartres [Sept 2022]
This album contains select photos from Chartres in September 2022. Highlights include the various public buildings during the European Heritage Weekend.
Cover for post Rouen [July 2022]
13 Mar 2023
Rouen [July 2022]
This album contains numerous photos from Rouen in July 2022. Highlights include the panoramic view of the city, various buildings and monuments in the old town, and the large bridge on the river Seine.
Cover for post Le Mans [Botanical Garden, Old Town, Cathedral - Sept 2021]
07 Nov 2021
Le Mans [Botanical Garden, Old Town, Cathedral - Sept 2021]
This album contains select travel photos from Le Mans in September 2021. Highlights include the cathedral, the stone-walled town hall, the medieval rampart, and streets and houses in the well-preserved old town.
Cover for post Versailles @ Night 202008-09
13 Sep 2020
Versailles @ Night 202008-09
This album features photos taken at night in Versailles. The primary place of interest is the main tourist attraction here, the Chateau de Versailles.
Cover for post Auxerre (Burgundy) 202008
11 Sep 2020
Auxerre (Burgundy) 202008
Auxerre is the capital of the Yonne department in Burgundy. This album features its old town, with the highlight being the three churches along the Yonne riv...
Cover for post Sens (Burgundy) 202008
10 Sep 2020
Sens (Burgundy) 202008
This album comprises of photos taken from a trip to Sens, a small town in the Yonne department in Burgundy.