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Cover for post Versailles Swans, Lake & Chateau
Versailles Swans, Lake & Chateau
27 Feb 2020 · Photos of swans from Versailles, France. In view are also the City Hall of Versailles, Versailles Chateau, and the Mirror Lake (Pièce d'Eau des Suisses)...
Cover for post Spring Flowers & Birds 201805
Spring Flowers & Birds 201805
27 Feb 2020 · On a short stroll on a sunny afternoon, I took some photos of flowers and birds in 2018....
Cover for post Paris 201805
Paris 201805
27 Feb 2020 · On stroll after dinner in Paris along the Seine River in the end of spring in 2018. The Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood, Ile Saint-Louis, and Notre Dame ...