Thirteen Things that May Happen under the Big-D Presidency

Under Biden & Harris, 13 major events and policies will likely be carried out in the next four years. They can be summarized as foreign wars and internal tur...
Published by Dr Jiulin Teng on 07 Nov 2020 · Updated on 25 Jul 2021
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As the polling stations closed on Tuesday and the results of the initial counting poured in, we saw that Donald Trump enjoyed a comfortable and significant lead in ALL “battleground states”, including places where pollsters labelled as “lead Democrat”. Last weekend, I predicted that something similar would take place.
However, as the days went by Trump’s lead shrank. In fact, he was overtaken by Biden initially in Wisconsin and soon thereafter in Michigan. Trump has claimed fraud, and it may well have played a role: It appears that the establishment hates Trump more than anything else. While for some this claim is “pathetic”, for roughly half of the Americans it is the establishment that is ruthless.
As Biden is coronated by the media, I’d like to make some predictions on what may happen under the Democratic Presidency. I intentionally am not saying the “Biden Presidency”, because over half of the Democratic voters themselves do not believe that Biden would serve out the full term. However, I also do not want to suggest that he certainly will not by putting “Harris” in the title.
For this piece, I’m not making any motivations for the predictions. They are opinions based on my observations and reasoning. If and when any of them becomes a reality, I will elaborate in detail and refer back to this article.
  1. Major military operations will take place in the Middle East. There will be a renewed drive to overthrow the Syrian government, and the conflict in Yemen will continue.
  2. There will be a renewed drive to overthrow the Venezuelan government.
  3. North Korea will relaunch its nuclear program, though full military engagement is unlikely.
  4. Double-down on China on trade, human rights, and other issues. Military conflict is unlikely, unless it is coordinated on three fronts (which includes North Korea).
  5. A new wave of refugees will arrive on Europe’s shores.
  6. Terrorist attacks will become more frequent in Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East.
  7. US Health Insurance Companies will receive government funds for their “efforts” in combating the current pandemic, and most Americans will see their insurance premiums jump.
  8. More regulations will be introduced that favor large corporations over SMEs and brick-and-mortar shops.
  9. Corporate media and social media will self-impose censorship in the US. The left will be vilified as the right has been.
  10. A depression will happen in the aftermath of the pandemic, led by the burst of the bubble in the stock market not long after Biden is sworn in. It will last 3 to 6 years.
  11. When it comes to worker’s rights, minimum wage, and single-payer healthcare, “nothing will fundamentally change”.
  12. The “posh left”, which can also be identified as “Trump-haters”, will be asleep. Young people once again lose interest in politics in the US and across the Western society.
  13. In the 2022 mid-term, the Republicans will retake the House.
As a bonus, I also put down an electoral playbook for a banana republic:
  • Make polls that suggest X will win by a large margin.
  • Tell people that X will win by a large margin in all major media outlets.
  • Count the ballots and win.
  • Claim victory in all major media outlets.

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